Centerpieces of conversation

This is design in motion. The three-piece table set known as Fluid combines science, substance, and sophistication into a stylish conversation starter. The design philosophy is based on the interplay of liquid elements. When fluids with a higher mass density interact with lower mass particles, they bounce off one another to produce original organic shapes.

Embodying this process in Nancy’s creative mind, Fluid was born. Each table’s strong base is composed of cast solid brass. The cooling process creates a raw, yet refined surface that resembles sculpture. The material is carefully sanded, polished, and placed in a nickel bath.

Two table tops feature black layered stone, and the third features very rare antique pink semi-precious stone for a burst of color. Like three unique drops of style, the tables may be installed together or roam separately in a space, yet they always form a cohesive connection. Call it interior equilibrium.